On-Page SEO Factors - A Short Tutorial for Beginners


Search engine traffic is incredibly valuable but that is mostly because it is free and very targeted. While there are plenty of things that will play into how much SEO success you have, before you spend a lot of time working on off page efforts like link building, you need to focus on the on page SEO efforts. What, then is "on page SEO"? It's merely the optimization work that you do on your own webpage. These are things like your content and your keywords--they're all a part of the "on page SEO" efforts. In this article you are going to learn the different things that you can do to make your on page SEO efforts work out in your favor.

Let's dive into your keywords and various phrases that have to be treated just right if you want the best results. In order for Google and the rest to do their jobs, they have to know that you are doing yours with your content and market. That's how they judge as to what's important and what's unimportant, but one way to do better on page SEO is to bold, italicize and underline your main keyword phrases in the right places. Remember the one thing you never want to do is make the reader feel like they do not like it and stop reading.

You want to focus on making the content the length it needs to be to make your point. But do not sacrifice SEO just for your readers, or the other way around; it is not hard to incorporate your keywords into good content. What you can experience is more powerful SEO results and traffic with excellent content that is a lot longer. Google knows how long each visitor stays on your site, and they factor that into the equation, too. Now you know what needs to be done with your articles and blog posts, and you can further refine that, too.

If you are using a lot of pics and images on your site, think about how many of them you really need to have. Graphics and pictures can drag your site speed down a lot if you are not careful, and that is an SEO penalty. The maximum number of images that you should have on your page is ten, and not more than that. As we have stated, you have to care about this because you get plus or minus SEO points for your site. Be sure you get more educated about this SEO parameter and all you can do about it that will help you.

All those who use SEO in their business, and who are doing well, will tell you that the on-page aspect matters very much. Those who are lazy or just do not want to be bothered will not do this. This is the kind of thing that takes time to develop, so do not try to rush it at all. After you have read all you can stand, then get to work and be sure to take action on all of it.

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